Meet the LakLaks – your guides in Georgia

If You want to experience an unforgettable tour in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, this site is for you. We explore Georgia on a daily basis to create the most fascinating tours for you and show you the pristine nature that we love so much.

It doesn’t matter how young you are, man or woman, hippie or scholar, lean or rounded – we will create something perfect just for you. You will return from the trip transformed.

If you travel with your family – it’s even better. As a couple of avid travelers, we know that discovering beautiful places is most fulfilling when shared with the closest ones. We love working with families!

Lak Lak means “stork” in Persian. We are a couple of storks from Poland and Iran who made their nest at the crossroads between the East and West, Asia and Europe. We like to joke that the demarcation line runs through our living room 😉

This website is a result of our life-changing decision to escape the office life and dedicate our time to our passion. Accept our invitation to discover this multicultural World.

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