David Gareja Bicycle Tour


  • Duration: 3 days
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Price: 200 EUR/person


  • Bicycle rental
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Vehicle support

Not included

  • Travel insurance (required)

David Gareja Bicycle Tour РHighlights of the tour

David Gareja Bicycle Tour - a lake in the steppe on our way to David Gareja

Lakes on the steppe

David Gareja Bicycle Tour offers some of the most unique views in Georgia. The route leads through the steppe, semi-desert area that begins soon after Sagarejo and continues right to the border with the Azerbaijan.


Landscapes on the way to David Gareja

Beautiful steppe landscapes

The road is just perfect for cycling, even though challenging at times. Especially in spring when the steppe is so green and the lakes are shining in the sun.

David Gareja Monastery

The Lavra Monastery

Lavra, the original monastery here, was founded by Davit Gareja, one of the 13 ascetic Syrian fathers who returned from the Middle East to spread Christianity in Georgia in the 6th century. The complex grew until monasteries were spread over a wide area. Manuscripts were translated and copied, and a celebrated school of fresco painting flourished here. Through the centuries, the monasteries were destroyed by the Mongols, Persians and finally Soviets.

It is also the time when we will make a break in cycling to walk around the monastery. Soon after that, we will hike up to the hill to discover the other attractions.

Chapel of Resurrection in David Gareja

Chapel of Resurrection

This small building marks the top of the ridge of the Gareja mountain and beginning of the path leading to the Udabno monastery and back down to Lavra.

The border with Azerbaijan runs just a few meters from this place and usually soldiers patrolling the area rest on the stones of the chapel.

Going down to the Udabno monastery we will actually walk on the Azerbaijan side for some time.

View on Azerbaijan from the hills in David Gareja

Udabno Monastery and view of Azerbaijan

The Lavra Monastery is definitely the most impressive one, but Davit Gareja has much more to offer. This is actually a whole complex of monasteries (13 or 15 according to various sources) scattered over the Gareja mountain.
One of the most interesting is the Udabno Monastery with frescoes, history of which reaches to 13th or maybe 10th century. The frescoes and their history are a wonder without any doubts. But what impresses visitors even more, is the location of this place. The caves of the monastery are facing endless, vast plains of the Azerbaijan steppe stretching from the foot of the mountain to the end of the horizon. A view one of a kind for sure.

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