This is the second article in our series “Kazbegi Experience”, in which I will describe the most interesting places that you should visit when traveling to Kazbegi region.

In the previous post, I described the Ananuri Fortress – the first significant stop on your way to Kazbegi. After you finish sightseeing this breathtaking castle complex, the most fascinating part of the Georgian Military Road awaits you. So don’t spend too much time on that overpriced bazar in front of the walls and go ahead! There will be more or less one hour of driving on an extremely picturesque road until you get to your next significant stop. The Russian-Georgian Friendship Monument, or “Panorama” as the locals call it, for the views it provides.

Gudauri - Russia-Georgia Monument

Gudauri – Russia-Georgia Monument in October

The monument was built in 1983 to commemorate 200 years anniversary of the Treaty of Georgievsk (1783). This agreement established Georgia as a protectorate of the Russian empire. The name might be a little bit of a surprise for you, taking into account past and current conflicts with Russia, but actually, the issue is very complicated.

Gudauri - Panorama

Gudauri – Panorama in summer

Soviet architecture and monuments usually don’t carry positive associations, but in my personal opinion – that one is kind of an exception. It is interesting both from the outside – perched on the edge over a gorge, as inside – with mosaics depicting scenes from the history of Georgia and Russia.

View of the Georgian Military Road

View of the Georgian Military Road in October

What makes this monument so popular among tourist though, is its picturesque location and chance to take some photos that will make your friends sending dozens of questions about the location. It is also a perfect timing for a longer stop – about 1 hour riding from Ananuri and 40 minutes before getting to Kazbegi. Definitely, the right time to stretch your legs and take some fresh air.

Gudauri - vievpoint before the Jvari Pass

Gudauri – viewpoint before the Jvari Pass in October

I prepared pictures from different times of the year, to show you how amazing this place is all over the year. The weather conditions might change from months to month, week to week and sometimes even day to day. You can always drop me a line in case you have any question about the weather conditions.

Georgian Military Road in winter

Georgian Military Road in winter

Sometimes in December, you will see no or almost no snow in Kazbegi. Sometimes (as on the pictures above and below) the snow will catch us before the Jvari Pass in October. Recently, during one of our tours, we saw this beautiful view. A herd of sheep coming down from mountains, caught in the snow. The break at Panorama was even longer this time, as it was such a great opportunity to observe the work of shepherds, follow the cure sheep and take some cute photos.

Georgian Military Road - sheep

Georgian Military Road – one of the founders of Lak Lak Tours and a huge fan of sheep 🙂


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